Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy (the policy) provides the rules, procedures and guidelines for the collection, usage and information disclosure. Members receive an access on our website, through the application on their devices, through the API or third parties. The device - is any computer, mobile phone, tablet, communicator, notebook or any other consumer electronic device used to access services Copyrightys. This policy establishes rules for access to our services, no matter how you get such access. You consent to the collection, storage, processing, transfer and other types of information (content) within the services described in the terms and conditions of service. Next, all possible forms of data and content, according to the terms and conditions of service, as well as all the information specified below, referred to as "information".

Collecting and storing information

As part of providing services, we may collect and store the information you provide. If you provide your personal information or data of entity, we may collect and store such information, as well as information such as name, surname, patronymic, telephone number, credit card or other payment information, e-mail address or home and legal postal address. You can also provide information on your e-mail account or in social networks or other services for the mutual usage of such services or for the mutual usage of your information by such services or networks.

We collect and store all the information, any files and folders that you upload in Copyrightys, to provide you with services through the service, and that match or relate to your account. When loading the data, you automatically record information from your device using it and its software. These procedures can also be carried out over IP protocol using the address space, browsers, web pages, identification numbers on your devices, mobile operators and providers of Internet, the date and time, place, status, system configuration information, metadata files, and other parameters and types of information for provision services and within these services.

We also use Cookies to collect information and improve the quality of provision services. Cookies – these are files that are transmitted on devices. They are used for recording and storing passwords, logins and other identifiers for our services. We can also use them to interact with users and statistical data collection and monitoring. You can refuse to accept Cookies, by configuring your browser accordingly. In this case you can not use all the features and functions provided by our service.

Usage of personal information

In the process of providing services, we may collect personal information that can be used for identification or contact with the user. Personal information may be used for improvement services for managing your access and opportunities to better understand your preferences and needs for security, timely notifications of updates and changes. If you do not want to provide us personal information, you can change your account settings. In this case, you knowingly refuse from any additional features or timely information.

Some devices allow applications to receive access to geo-data in real-time on the basis of definition the location (eg, GPS). We do not collect this information, but we can start to collect it at any time with your consent, unless it is required our services or individual functions and in that case if you will use them. Some of the photos that you upload contain such information about the location. We can use this information to provide services within our service. In addition, to determine the location for providing services within the limits of our service. Besides for definition of the location can be used other information such as IP-addresses or information of base stations of mobile connection, Wi-Fi point and other information.

We also collect analytical information including with the help of third parties, which in some cases may be linked with personal data. We use this information for monitoring, administration, accounting, recruiting functions, ease of use, user authentication, permission or prohibition and provision services of better quality. We currently use Google Analytics, but at any moment we can start to use other service without reasonable usage.

Delivery and information disclosure

We will use your personal information and display it in your profile according to your preferences. That is, you determine by yourself what personal information to display in your profile. Think twice what information to display, and what level of anonymity is acceptable for you then only make a decision. You can change your decision at any time. We may also use your personal information if you use third-party applications for access to your account. Remember that if you make a decision on expansion or opening personal information, it can be used against you by third parties.

Service providers and partners

We can use services of third parties, companies and individuals to provide services to our customers (including but not limited, storage, maintenance, database management, analytics, payment processing, introduction of new functions and services in general. These third-parties and individuals may have access to your information only in the limits of provided services and with the purpose to provide our services on our behalf and under obligations similar topics those are specified in this policy of confidentiality.

Third-party applications

We may share your information to other third-party applications by your consent, for example, when you apply for our services, using such applications. We are not responsible for what happens with your information on the side of such applications or third-party sites. Make sure you trust this application and that the privacy policy of such applications meets your requirements and are acceptable to you.


We may disclose information about you only when we believe that disclosure of such information is consistent with legal norms, will save a life, to defend the honor and dignity, to avoid bodily damages, unlawful confinement, to protect property rights, prevent fraud and abuse . If we will be forced to transfer files to law enforcement authorities in cases described above, we transfer them as it is. We do not decipher them if you codify them and encrypted and didn’’t change. We may disclose information of infinite character without restrictions. For example, statistics of usage our services.

Changing or deleting your information

If you are a registered user, you can modify and delete information in your profile. If you no longer wish to use our services, you can remove your information by changing the user account and profile. In some cases we may store your personal information, unless it is required by law.

Data storage

We will keep your information as is necessary to provide services, or until your account is activated. You can permanently delete your information, including your account. Note that the deletion of all data can be delayed as some data may be associated with different services and services, including third-party applications.

We use generally accepted standards for the protection of your information. You must understand that we can not give 100% guarantees. If you have any questions about security, you can contact us. But you should know that we are using all available modern technology for encrypting and secure information storage and retrieval.

Changes of Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy may change from time to time. If we make changes that lead a substantial reduction of your rights or impose additional obligations on you, we tell about it in notifications via email. You also can receive notifications about any changes. Continuing using our services after changes, you agree with such changes and accept them.